Existing Patient Portal URL: https://app.elationpassport.com/passport/login/

Please utilize Elation Passport to securely communicate with me for non-emergency concerns between appointments.  If you do not currently have an Elation Passport account, please contact my office and leave me a voicemail to send you an invitation.  This will go to your email.  Also, for iOS users, there is an app for iPhones.

Payment and Superbill Portal: 

Superbills are statements provided to you that may be used for insurance reimbursement.  Please see the FAQ tab for more details on this.  Superbills are now accessible in one easy to find place.  You can download your own superbills at your convenience anytime after I create them after appointments. Invoices are also found here and can be paid online here.  You can also update your card on file.  Please use patient’s legal name and email address to register that matches the one used to book appointment.  If you are a parent, do NOT use your name (use child/patient’s name that will be on the superbills).  You can also view and manage your future appointments here.

Register here: https://HubbardMD.intakeq.com/connect

Log-in: https://HubbardMD.intakeq.com